I have written before that Travelers is one of the biggest reasons why this blog exists. This show instilled in me the passion for the unknown.. for the unexplored.

The show has been off air for over a decade now, and the six amazing hosts have moved on to bigger and better things.

I still remember that Sunday afternoon four years ago, when I was home, watching a movie named “What Happens In Vegas” with one of my friends. I saw her, and kept thinking where have I seen her before.

After a bit of Google-ing, I found out that she was one of the Travelers that I have grown up watching, Michelle Krusiec. She has starred in a lot of great movies and TV shows since then. She has done plays, written scripts, directed shows as well. But despite all that success, I was surprised to see she was so down-to-earth and friendly.

So here it is, for all the die hard Travelers fans.. Michelle Krusiec.


Good Old Boots:  How did you become one of the “Travelers”?
Michelle: I auditioned in Philadelphia. At the time, I was still finishing up my senior year of college so I left college a semester early to travel the world. I was still able to graduate at a later date, but one minute I was finishing exams, the next minute I was in New Zealand! My audition consisted of me telling a travel story and I told one about my Mom trying to sneak fresh food through customs from Taiwan. Everyone laughed and well, I got the job.

GOB: Which was your favourite episode and which was your least favourite episode? 

Michelle: This is kinda hard. I don’t have a favorite or a least favorite because every country and episode was so unique.

GOB: You had been to Kerala, India as one of the “Travelers”. What are the things that you liked about the country? What are the things that you did not like?
Michelle: I loved Kerala and India! It was such a vibrant and colorful city. I remember the colors of everyone’s dress billowing against the river bank and the dragon boats, I think they were called, racing one another at the festival and being jetlagged out of my mind!  I stepped off the airplane and into this magical fantasy. The food was so delicious in India and the people were so welcoming. And we also got into a head on collision in India so I remember the crazy drivers. I don’t recall anything I didn’t like. I think there was a lot of poverty in Bombay and it’s always hard to see that no matter where you live.  It makes you grateful for the things you have.
GOB: What is the one advice that you will give to travelers/backpackers that will make their travels whole?
Michelle: I think it’s always good to have some plans as a backup and then when you land, see where the journey takes you. It’s great to make friends with locals and if you have an open attitude about how you discover your adventure, you’ll find more surprises. I always try and talk with everyone when I travel because you learn more about the place through the people.  And they will tell you more than any travel book can tell you.  However, it’s always good to have a general idea of the lay of the land ahead of time, just so you’re not completely lost.

GOB: Lastly, and this is for the hopeless optimists, will the Travelers ever reunite for another season?
Michelle: I think you’ll need to ask Discovery Channel!
GOB: Thank you so much for taking some time out and answering the questions. It is quite unreal that I am in touch with one of the Travelers, a show for which I used to bunk classes for.
Michelle: You’re so welcome!

You can check out the Travelers Reunion that happened in Spreecast last October right here.

In case you cannot have enough of Michelle Krusiec, you can find more about her on her website, www.MichelleKrusiec.com

(She was recently blessed with a baby boy, so don’t forget to congratulate her.)