This is the first post of our new series, “Life In The Big City” and I am pleased to start it on our Republic Day. And before I start my ramblings, let me just get this out of my way.


Okay. So.. as I have stated before I have finally moved out from Small City and have settled down in NOIDA. For those of you who do not know this, NOIDA is actually short for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. For some reason I find that fascinating and tell people around me whenever I get a chance. Its surprising how many people I considered stupid already knew that.

Anyways, I wake up really early these days, as opposed to lazily waking up at half past eight. I ride the Delhi Metro everyday and bargain hard with the auto rickshaw walas. (They are A****s). On Sundays and holidays, I visit fun places and eat out. I plan on watching a movie and visiting Akshardham next Sunday. I am also eagerly waiting for the annual Book Fair and Trade Fair.

So, life is definitely better here.


It is amazing how little I used to value Delhi before. Just a few weeks back, me and my cousin visited the Hauz Khas Village. I went there for the food, obviously, but was delighted to visit the Firoz Shah Tomb. It was built back in 1352 (It’s ancient !!) and its extremely beautiful. I saw people strolling around there like it was their neighborhood park, probably jaded from all its historical significance.

Delhi is dotted with gems like these. Some are taken care of by the authorities, and some are totally forgotten or ignored. But all of them are significant and beautiful. I intend to visit as many of them as possible.

And don’t even get me started on food. The days of eating from the same stupid dhaba are gone. Now I can have any kind of food, any time. I can have them delivered to my doorsteps within minutes. I remember the days when I used to get dressed, hire a rickshaw and ride through the awful roads of Shamli to get food. It was uncomfortable and time consuming, not to mention boring.

Oh Home Delivery System, I missed you so much.


And… I can have dishes from any cuisine here in Delhi. Since I came here, I have tried Nepali, Italian, South Indian, Punabi, Bengali, Pakistani, Mongolian, and North Eastern cuisines. Hell, recently I ate buffalo meat with Yak milk.

I end this post with the story of how we were thrown out from a restaurant recently. (Not literally, but we were asked to leave.)


A few friends paid me a visit in Delhi recently but due to paucity of time I could not take them sightseeing. I did take them out for lunch, however in a fancy restaurant in Dwarka. Even though, we have had meals together quite a few times, but it was our first in Delhi.

We chatted about the same stupid fun things that we used to talk about in Milan Point. The only difference was that the seats were a bit more comfortable this time around. We sat for a couple of hours, chatting and laughing. We were catching up after almost a month, so all of us had a bucketful of things to share, and things got a bit loud. I saw a few guests staring at us.The waiters asked us in their typical fake polite way to keep it down.

But c’mon, you know how reunion works. Every one has interesting stories to share and some people get a bit too excited. And my friends, being from U.P., are naturally loud !

The manager came out and told us that we were disturbing the others and that we should leave soon. Some of us wanted to argue, but I made sure that we left peacefully.

(Milan Point never asked us to leave)

After all, we did not want to disturb the pretentious guests with our “dhaba culture” while they enjoyed their overpriced, tasteless food while the waiters showered them with plastic smiles, hoping to get tips that they don’t actually deserve.

Whatever… But I am glad we brought a little bit of Small City in the Big City that day.