The famous Hyderabadi Biryani
The famous Hyderabadi Biryani

For the past few days I have been staying here in Hyderabad, an annual trip, and it has been raining like crazy. Hyderabad, like Delhi, seems to have a drainage problem because the roads here get water clogged within minutes of a downpour.

A few nights ago, while I was returning from Chaar Minar, it started raining. Within minutes most of the roads were filled knee deep with water. Being a Delhi-ite, it did not affect me much, but it did change my perception about Hyderabad being perfect in every way imaginable.

An interesting observation about the Hyderabadis was at the baggage claim belt at the Hyderabad airport. It was surprising to see how many of them picked up the wrong bag from the belt, put them in their trolley, and then put them back on the belt after realizing their mistake. I guess these people just don’t have a close relationship with their backpack, like I do.

For me, South India has always been synonymous with an upset stomach, but I threw all precautions out of the window and I was having my first taste of the famous biryani within minutes on landing in Hyderabad.  Maybe I was hungry, maybe it was the ambiance but airport food had never tasted that good. The next night also turned out to be a biryani night when we visited a decent looking restaurant in Gachi Bowli and had our “Man Vs Food” moment. I learned that Rs. 150 can fetch a very large portion of Biryani. The biryani was really good but it was a challenge finishing even half of what was served, while the locals did not seem to mind. No wonder the South Indian heroes look so…. (what’s the right word)… well fed.

Chaar Minar has been a major disappointment over the years, yet I visit it every time. Hoping against hope that maybe, just maybe, the monument that I associated with Hyderabad ever since I was a kid, would impress me. And it did, this time around. Chaar Minar looks exceptionally good with dark clouds in the background. Have a look.



Cards, both debit and credit, are widely accepted in almost every theka. And unlike North India, people of all social backgrounds visit them. I even spotted a few women. Wish north India could be more like that, then I could visit them guilt free. However, alcohol here is weak compared to that in Uttar Pradesh.

I would have loved to include a few more things in this post, but it has been a real boring week here in Hyderabad, thanks to the rain, and there isn’t much left to write about.

Here is a pic of my favourite pizza, a spicy chicken with cheese burst crust. Don’t ask why.