So, as previously posted, I am going to Korea soon and like any curious, excited traveller I have been doing some research about Seoul, the Korean language, the food and the local customs.

I got to say, Korea looks interesting. Very Interesting.

Here are a few things that I have learned about Korea that I did not know before:

a. I recently found out that I have been pronouncing Seoul wrong all my life. It’s not pronounced as “Sea-ol”, it’s pronounced as “Suh-ol” or “soul”.

(If you already knew that, I am sure you think I’m pretty stupid. You are not entirely wrong.)

b. I also learned that most Koreans do not eat dog meat. It is eaten mostly by the elderly for their “medicinal” value. Nevertheless, I will try and seek out places selling dog meat and try it.

c. When meeting the locals, it is okay to nod with closed eyes, instead of doing the full right angled bow. Reserve the full bow for the Korean royalties. Besides doing the full bow every time you interact with a Korean might result in a sore back, especially if you do not work out.

d. When in Korea it would be awesome to see a K-pop star. One of the best places for celebrity sightings is the COEX mall in Gangnam. Definitely heading there the moment I get off the plane.

e. The number 4 is considered unlucky in Korea. Most buildings do not even have a fourth floor. Also do not give Koreans gifts in the multiples of 4. Weird, right?

f. If you visit a Korean family for a meal, make sure that you do not touch the food before the eldest at the table takes his first bite. (Kind of like Amitabh Bachchan in Satte pe Satta). Also do not leave the table before him/her. Even though many of the Korean delicacies are an acquired taste, make sure you do not make a face while eating them. It will offend the shit out of the hosts. Also pointing with your chopsticks is not cool and neither is pouring drinks for yourself before others at the table.

g. I learned recently on the You Tube’s KWOW, that the famous dish of Korea, the Kimchi, is a side dish and it made of cabbage…fermented cabbage.

That does it for today (‘coz I’m pretty drunk). Stay tuned for more updates about the South Korean trip, (dates are being finalised).