I was born here.I grew up here.I probably know this place better than any other place in the world, but today I saw this place from a whole new perspective… I am in Delhi !

After a 3 hour bus ride, 30 minutes of Metro and about an hour of walking, I reached the office of Thomas Cook Ltd, which apparently ran out of Thai Bahts.Not a good sign, I thought. Took an auto rickshaw to another branch of Thomas Cook and bought 20000 Bahts, sufficient enough for the trip, I hope.

I had decided to stay at some hotel in the infamous Paharganj which is apparently the Khao San Road of Delhi.( I was afraid I will get chicken pox if I went home)

After a few minutes of roaming around in search of a decent hotel, a tout helped me get this shady little hotel.We had to walk for around 15 minutes and all along the way, he kept talking about how good the hotel is.LCD TV, Air Conditioning… it was supposed to be a 3 star hotel with all the amenities… all for Rs. 1000. Man! I was in for a surprise.It was not a 3  star hotel. It was the name of the hotel, 3 Star International. It was located in a shady little alley with small pan shops and hair dressers.I was like “I’m not paying 1000 bucks for this place..” However, the room was okay.. AC worked and LCD had all the channels. On top of that, I just wanted to take a bath after the looooong bus ride in this heat. I took the room.

After taking a little shower, which was super refreshing, I went  in search of some food.. and more importantly,  drinks… found this nice little over priced place and ordered two Pepsis and a tomato soup.. it was goohood…

Had a haircut and a shave on my way back…(finally I started looking like a human)

Its 11.35 now and I need some sleep… have a long day tomorrow… super excited!